8D – Report / Process

The “8D” method serves a problem-solving approach across different industries to eliminate issues or failure and its occurrence. Thereby the method is used to improve products and processes. It describes a failure management process or approach whereby the eight (8) stands for the individual process phases (disciplines), refer to below.

D0 –       Plan for problem management and prerequisites

D1 –       Select and Set Up – Problem Management Team

D2 –       Problem definition and description

D3 –       Develop and Set up Problem Containment Plan

D4 –       Analyze and verify root cause for the problem.

D5 –       Define corrective action to eliminate the problem

D6 –       Implement corrective action to eliminate the problem

D7 –       Prevent re-occurrence of problem / Preventive measures

D8  –       Congratulate and benefit the Problem Management Team